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It is a loan that will help us finance any type of project.

Rapid Loans La Caixa

A fixed interest , monthly installments, early repayment without cost and possibility of a deficiency of up to 12 months. The only requirement is to domicile the payroll .

This type of loans must be contracted at the office, since it may vary according to the type of compensation offered by cards, pension plans or some type of insurance. This loan has an Express modality for small amounts and a repayment of no more than 10 months.

Interests and commissions .

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  • 2 Requirements Ask for loan
  • 3 New and Used Car Purchase Loan.
  • 4 Immediate installment loan
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Personal loans can reach an annual nominal interest of up to 8.375% and an opening fee of up to 2.5%. Although these data are not particularly good, it is true that the amount that can be reached and the return periods are interesting and take into account. As always, we warn that these conditions are general and always negotiable according to the client and the particular conditions of this.

“Important: Ask to be informed of the Interest in the form of TAE Formula that the Bank of Spain requires to know all the expenses included in the loan.”

Requirements – Ask for loan

Loans in the can be ordered online or in an office. Depending on each case, one modality or another will be more profitable. In both cases it will be necessary to provide all your personal information such as the full name, ID, address and contact telephone number.

It is necessary to provide the economic documentation where our monthly income is reflected, whether you have a payroll or if you work for someone else. If you have a mortgage or other type of loans, the bank will want to know the status and monthly installments of your payment.

The same with the payments of the credit card. The bank may ask us for another type of payment guarantee if it considers it necessary.

The basic requirements for requesting loan for consumption are the following:

✅ Have enough monthly income to meet the monthly payment or monthly payment. This fee must not exceed 35% of the net income of the applicant’s family unit.

✅ Do not appear in Registries of Defaulters, Rai, and especially Asnef that reports the unpaid of other previous loans.

✅ Live in Spain with a residence permit or be Spanish with ID.

✅ Be of legal age and even sometimes be over 21 years old.

✅ Present the necessary documents to request loan.

New and Used Car Purchase Loan.

The maximum amount offered by the for the purchase of a vehicle is 60,000 euros , which we must amortize in a maximum of 6 years. It is a very interesting loan since it allows us flexibility in the installments since it can defer up to 30 percent of the requested capital, which we can delay until the end of the 6 years.

The interest charged by for the car loan is 6.90% nominal, which, if we add to the commissions, results in an APR of 7.31% according to the Bank of Spain’s standard for calculating the Annual Equivalent Rate.

You can make your own calculations of the resulting installment to be paid and the interest that the loan would cost you using this simple personal and mortgage loan simulator . Enter the amount you need, the interest rate and the years or months to return and get a loan repayment schedule.

Immediate installment loan

This now we present in an instant credit loan . The client, through its open line, can borrow from 300 euros to 6000 with a fixed interest rate of 9.90% and a return period of 36 months. The hiring of this loan is online, without papers, without guarantees and immediately .

Being an online recruitment does not involve notary, as it is valid with the acceptance of the conditions of the same through the website. On the web the customer chooses the quantity and the term for the return. Once the conditions are accepted, the customer receives the amount. It is a quick and simple type of mini – credit to apply , although with a much lower interest rate than many financial ones offer.

Personal Loans Simulator:

Personal Loans has a simulator for its clients , where by entering the amount that is needed or wanted to be borrowed and the term in which the loan is amortized, it informs us of the monthly payment with detail of the capital and interest.

The simulator of uses the formula of interest calculation by the French system, like the rest of the bank, where at the beginning many interests and little capital are paid, something that will change as we pay our loan installments.

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