Online Loans: How it works

Is it possible to get a Quick loan in the Act with little paperwork and only with the DNI?

Single ID loans

If you have the need to request a very urgent loan and do not have time to walk with paperwork and many explanations, you can get a mini loan only with your ID card or Resident Card but also fulfilling some other requirements that we will analyze carefully below:

How the Loans Work in the Act

When we speak of Loans in the act , we refer those requests for money whose cash payment occurs within the hour following the request and once all the data requested is filled in and the necessary documents have been delivered.

The first step is to enter the website of the chosen online financial and select the amount we need within the limit shown by the company and the deadline to return the money plus interest. Important: This type of operation is limited to small amounts or microloans . The most usual 300 euros although they allow to increase the loan in subsequent requests.

Once the amount and the term have been chosen, inform of the personal data that the form details. Next, it is essential to report on how much we earn and in what concept we receive the income. If it is by payroll, by pensioners, aid or explaining other reasons.

If you have already entered all the data, they will immediately answer you if they are within your business hours and once we accept, you will be paid cash in less than one hour. That is, receive the cash on the spot.

Our advice is to try to ask for the money before in your usual bank where you have the account. Quick loans are very expensive. Use only in extreme cases of need.

Financial companies that give loans in the Act and only with the DNI

Currently there are many online financial institutions that are dedicated to grant quick loans with instant payment of money .

Online loans if other data are provided. The high profitability of these operations allows them to assume these risks and they can accept it as long as the debt recorded in the company is of a considerable amount.

The best option is to try to ask for the money in more than one financial. However, we do not advise having money in several financial institutions since the refund has to be made within a month and could further complicate your financial situation.

Single ID loans

It is possible to get Fast Miniloans presenting only the DNI provided that other requirements demanded by the online financial and that we have detailed above are met. However, this does not mean that lenders do not reject loan requests.

Irreproachable loans do not exist . Any financial company or bank will study loan requests with greater or lesser rigor but there will always be a high percentage of refusals based on negative aspects such as the anef, the lack of sufficient income to pay the loan, age, not being Spanish resident, that the amount requested is very high, etc. are some of the reasons for your request to be rejected .

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