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Do you need money or do you want to transfer an existing loan? Arrange it directly online.

Personal loan

This is done quickly and confidently in a few simple steps. You know where you stand within two minutes. We do not advise you, but we would be happy to inform you. This way you can see in advance how much you can borrow and for what purpose. And we let you choose safely and responsibly between our options: Personal loan or revolving credit.

The loan that suits you

For whatever purpose you want to borrow: make sure you always choose an affordable loan that suits you best. Then you also have the most fun. with us you can arrange your application in a few clear and understandable steps. In addition, our loan calculator helps you to compare loans and make the right choice.

1 How much do you want to borrow?
2 What do you want to borrow for?
3 Would you like to be able to withdraw money temporarily within your credit limit?
4 Compare a Personal loan with a revolving credit

Personal loan

The maximum loan amount for a Personal loan is . With a Personal Loan you can withdraw and repay amounts up to the credit limit.

Choose your term:

Monthly amount:
Fixed debit interest rate:
Annual percentage rate:
Total to pay by you:

Offer Personal loan Calculate with

Are you sure?

For question 3 you indicate that you do not need flexibility. A Personal loan will then better suit your preference.

With a Personal loan you lend a fixed amount once. The interest, repayment and maturity are fixed in advance.

Monthly amount:
Theoretical duration:
Variable debit interest rate:
Annual percentage rate:
Total to pay by you:

Quotation Continuous credit Revolving credit Quotation is without obligation.

Step 1: Calculate your loan

What does a personal loan or a revolving credit cost? For this we have developed a handy online calculator. Then you can determine yourself what your choice will cost you. The calculator works as follows. First fill in a few basic details, including the desired amount of money, the purpose for which you want to borrow and the need to withdraw interim money. You then choose the desired term for a Personal Loan and with a Recurring Credit you can choose from the redemption percentages (monthly amount). This way you can immediately see, right next to each other, the difference in costs between the two loan types. Such as the monthly amount you have to pay off, the corresponding interest rate and the total amount of the loan. The shorter the chosen term or the higher the redemption percentage, the lower the total cost of the loan. From this overview you can request a free quote for a loan to your choice.

Step 2: Request a free quote

Have you made your choice? Then you can request a quotation directly online via the request button. That is also done in just a few steps. Step 1 shows the chosen product properties of the loan calculator, such as how much you want to borrow and the monthly amount. You can still change this here. In step 2 we ask you for a number of personal details. And in step 3 you can report your income and expenses. Then you can send your request in this way. Of course your privacy is fully guaranteed.

Step 3: Receive a quote immediately by e-mail

As soon as your request is received, we will take it into consideration. Three things can now happen. If your application is approved immediately, you will receive a free quotation from us directly by e-mail. If we need more information for the assessment, we will call you. And if we reject your request, you will also receive a direct message about this. Meesstal in such a case shows that a loan does not fit the personal situation and is therefore not justified.

Step 4: Upload some files

Of course we would like to process your application as soon as possible. For a smooth course of events it is therefore important that we receive the correct data and documents from you. Only then can we conclude an agreement with you. If you pay close attention to a few things, nothing can actually go wrong. Print the contract first and sign each page. Do not make any changes with pen or pencil! If there is a mistake in your contract, call us. Then we simply send you a new contract. Also make sure you make scans or photos of the other requested documents (for example with your mobile phone). These must be legible and must not have fading or dark spots. Finally, upload the signed offer and the requested documents securely in your personal online environment. Click on the link in the e-mail that you received from us. Note: if you scan document on both sides, then of course also upload front and back!

Step 5: Receive your money

Once your loan has been approved, you will receive the money in your bank account within 1 to 2 working days. You do not have to do anything more for that.

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